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Wrapping Your Head Around Moving

Our priorities and needs are changing as we prepare to move. Downsizing once again, we face the challenge of fitting our treasures into a smaller space. And keeping it simple seems to be the way to go. I still love to turn the pages as I read, yet there’s a growing list of books on my e-reader. And I know that the piles of articles I always intended to reference are now easily accessible on the Internet. As we sift through and make choices–which cherished objects to keep and those to let … Continue reading

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Remember those jokes you made in your youth about the old folks at Leisure Village? Now that you don’t need such a big house anymore and are beginning to plan for retirement, you may have thought about moving yourself. But where to go? Most Sandwiched Boomers choose to stay near family members but downsize in a way that fits in with their active lifestyle. A new trend is emerging for Baby Boomers who want to rekindle some of that communal spirit of the 60’s when they move. In 2007 alone, … Continue reading

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As you consider feathering a new nest that works for you, here are some ideas to get you started. Altering your surroundings at home can even stimulate you to modify your outlook on life. This shift can give you the impetus to explore new areas and discover adventures outside your familiarity. Remember that any process takes time and, by definition, involves flexibility. 1. It is never too early – or too late – to begin gathering information about the changes you plan to initiate. What do you need to learn … Continue reading

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Now that your kidults are settled back in college, does the thought of creating a more grown-up nest cross your mind? Can you visualize more simplicity and less chaos? Think about what it would be like to clean out the drawers, give away the memorabilia no one in the family wants and make your home yours again. If you decide to make a change, it will be an ongoing process, with both positive and negative emotions. This transition signifies the end of an important chapter in your life – the … Continue reading

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