Phyllis and Rosemary

Good friends as well as colleagues, we met 35 years ago when our sons were on the same basketball team in the suburbs of Los Angeles. And now we’re neighbors in Venice, California.

In 2000 we created and six years later started blogging at Together we’re beginning a book about letting go and working on a wellness project that features health heroes.

We’re both married and have raised children, cared for aging parents and grandchildren, survived cancer. Our identity, like yours, has been redefined many times over the years, either subtly or more dramatically. Knowing that roles are always changing, we teach smart strategies to help you tackle your transitions head-on.

Having guided thousands of clients in our individual private practices, we offer a wide range of professional knowledge and experience. Online we’re consultants in family dynamics, where we publish articles and a monthly newsletter, Stepping Stones. Graduates of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness coaching program, we apply positive psychology in our mentoring work.

Our site is packed with helpful information about children growing up, parents in decline, and changes in your intimate relationships. If you’re a member of the ‘sandwich generation,’ discover usable insights and share your ideas here. You’ll learn how to nourish your family without starving yourself.


You really don’t know how much you helped by letting me know there are so many other women out there just like me. The encouragement you gave me was a very welcomed wake up call – it was exactly the support I needed to say loudly ‘snap out of it, I’m worth it.’

 I want to applaud you on your terrific posts about the Sandwich Generation. Your storytelling, blending professional wisdom and personal humor, is charming – a refreshing and informative read for those of us struggling with changes in our family.


Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D.
California License MFT 16868

  • Relationship transition coach
  • Individual, marriage & family therapist
  • Group facilitator – parenting, women, bereavement
  • Family resource consultant – intergenerational daycare
  • Graduate of Authentic Happiness coaching program
  • Volunteer mentor in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe & South America

Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D.
California License PSY 9286, Inactive

  • Life coach – stress reduction, communication, aging well & healthy lifestyles
  • Wellness psychologist – menopause, breast & ovarian cancer, heart disease
  • Career transition mentor
  • Graduate of Authentic Happiness coaching program
  • Health researcher with over 30 published articles & presentations
  • Administrator to small businesses & mentor to medical students