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Getting Back on Track

Whether you’re actually driving on a curvy road or trying to navigate the twists and turns of life, you don’t always get the advance warning sign of a risk ahead. Do these unforeseen hazards sound familiar? You’ve just gotten your finances under control when you bite down on an olive pit and break off part of a tooth. How will you fit the cost of a crown into your budget now? Or you’ve worked hard to make your new exercise routine a habit – but over-doing it, you’ve torn a … Continue reading

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How to Work Your Way toward Valentine’s Day

If you’re a Sandwiched Boomer, caring for parents growing older and kids growing up, Valentine’s Day may be just one more responsibility you have to take care of. Are you trying to balance work and family with little choice but to leave your love relationship on the back burner? Busy people under pressure often hurt the one they love. Not ideal circumstances as we approach the most romantic day of the year. Marital relationship experts seem to focus on minimizing the negatives – don’t nag, don’t be controlling, don’t overreact, … Continue reading

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Journaling in the New Year

With this just the first week of 2012, your new year’s resolutions may still be fresh in your mind. But as Sandwiched Boomers, caring for aging parents and growing kids, chances are that won’t last. Writing down your goals and intentions in a journal can help clarify them. And checking your list regularly will help you stay motivated. Here are some ideas as you begin to explore the journaling process: Photo courtesy of eblaser – Flickr.com Identify your strengths. Create an assets inventory or a list of your accomplishments as … Continue reading

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Caring for Yourself and Aging Parents at Holiday Time

Amidst all the celebrating during these holidays, if you’re a Sandwiched Boomer, torn between caring for growing children and aging parents, you may be bogged down by your responsibilities and having a hard time getting into the spirit of the season. I know I did when I was taking care of my parents a decade ago. They moved in with me after my mother developed cognitive impairment due to a stroke, and they lived with us until their deaths years later. When I was just too exhausted, my husband insisted … Continue reading

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