We’re pleased to share some of the honors and awards our blog has received :


Selected as one of the best relationships blogs on the web

Chosen as top senior and boomer bloggers

As Featured On EzineArticles

Awarded Diamond Status at Ezine Articles

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Whose Couch Is It Anyway?  Moving Your Millennial  chosen by Spirited Woman for Top 12 Book Pick List










Journalists contact us regularly for our opinions about various family topics.

If you want to avoid the typical kinds of arguments brides and grooms have as their wedding approaches, you’ll find our input to help you in this HuffPost piece.


The breakup of a family can be one of the most painful and complicated life events. Where do you turn and how do you begin to pick up the pieces? If you, a family member or friends are dealing with divorce and its aftermath, click on Phyllis and Rosemary for articles we’ve written on the website.

And here’s an article that included our input about the rise of Gray Divorce.


Several writers have consulted us, asking for our input about how families can best navigate the return of an adult child to the family home.

On the website Woman Around Town, you’ll find a podcast in which Charlene Giannetti interviews us about Millennials who become boomerang kids.

And here are two articles that feature our insights and suggestions for how to accommodate the family dynamic to include the returning kidult: How to Live in Harmony with Your Boomerang Kids and the Boomerang Generation.


We’ve made appearances on radio and television shows about family relationships:

Cyma Shapiro, host of the contemporary lifestyle radio show, “For Women Over 40,” interviews Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. about “Women and Therapy.” Click here to listen: What do women want? What do they need? What are their biggest fears and struggles? They discuss the many complex issues women face today, the trends they see moving into the 21st century, and the ways in which healing/resolution can be achieved through therapy.

We were interviewed on The Jefferson Connection about the rise in Millennial boomerang kids living with their parents. Click here for a recording of the lively discussion.

Listen to our tips on how to nourish your family relationships without starving yourself in our discussion with Sandra Haymon, Ph.D. on her BlogTalkRadio show.

Learn more about the Sandwich Generation when Line Brunet interviews us on her BlogTalkRadio show, Family Focus.

Hear our interview with Barbara Friesner, Ph.D., founder of, as we talk about how to heal rifts in your family in flux.

Watch our HealthyPlaceTV interview where we discuss PTSD and how to deal with trauma in your life.