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Giving Back: Lessons from Millennials

So much for the negative stereotypes that those born between 1980 and 2000 are narcissistic and selfish. Lately Millennials have been busy turning their ideas about generativity into action. Although many are still laboring under high levels of student loan debt, navigating a tough job market and living with parents while getting on their feet, they’re also giving money and time to causes that matter to them. Money is but one venue for generosity. Kindness is an even more valuable currency. Alan Cohen, author Data from the 2015 Millennial Impact Project … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving inspires us to express our gratitude for all we have been given. I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you here on our blog for many years. Today, I hope you will click on some of my past Thanksgiving posts to read more about some practical tips to help you add to your holiday experience. Deciding to focus on giving thanks means a whole new mindset, championed by Positive Psychology and its founder, Dr. Marty Seligman. When you use these techniques to count your … Continue reading

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From Mourning to Post Traumatic Growth

Our nation is in a period of mourning. It’s been over a week since the political earthquake and we’ve yet to begin our recovery. We’re caught in the early stages of grief, feeling angry and sad, far from the acceptance that comes at the end of a healing process. Whether we receive our information through news media coverage or social media sites, it’s all about adversity and uncertainty. Some people are frustrated or disillusioned and involved in targeted reactions – protests, boycotts, petitions. Others are feeling vulnerable and worried about their … Continue reading

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Let the Healing Begin

Are your emotions spent or are you still passionate about your dislike for the other candidate? Now that this most blistering of elections is over, Americans are faced with a task even more difficult than electing a President – bringing healing to a fractured country. This election, with its flawed candidates, unearthed major rifts in friendships and families as sides were drawn and opinions hardened. Now the country must come together and respect the democratic process that brought us our new leader. President-elect Donald Trump, Secretary Hillary Clinton and President … Continue reading

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