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Women in Conflict

With Mother’s Day on the horizon and as a Boomer Mom managing complicated family challenges, are you: Ready to give up acting responsible for everyone Fed up with trying to win approval Tired of feeling guilty or blaming yourself If so, create a Mother’s Day that lasts much longer than 24 hours. Rewrite your story, and make nurturing yourself the theme while using the following prompts: Silence your self-doubt. It’s not uncommon for insecurity to be the legacy of this stage of life. Confront your negative internal scripts and put them to … Continue reading

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Millennials and Boomers: Mutual Support

We don’t often celebrate caring across the generations. When we were growing up, grandparents were the ones who gave us whatever we wanted, provided we didn’t tell our parents. And as the grandma of five grandsons, I know that still applies today. There’s been talk about Granny leave for the caregivers of elderly parents. Businesses lose billions of dollars annually because of employees missing work for family concerns. As the number of family members available to care for aging loved ones decreases and the number of those in need increases, our … Continue reading

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How Can We Feel Safe?

April is Stress Awareness month, but this year we don’t need a reminder. There’s plenty of fear and worry after this week’s bomb attacks on the Brussels airport and Maelbeek metro station. At least 30 people were killed and more than 200 injured. Belgium has raised its terror alert and other European countries have increased their security measures. Terrorism abroad – London, Madrid, Paris – rekindles feelings of vulnerability in all of us. Around the clock media coverage with pictures of chaos and despair feels as if the whole world … Continue reading

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Letters of acceptance

We’re approaching the time of year that letters of acceptance go out – either by snail mail or directly through the Internet. For some, it’s admission to college or graduate school, for others it means that first job offer. How are Millennials and their parents reacting to the news in these letters? As the website Grown and Flown explores, parenting is complicated and takes on different aspects for moms and dads of teens. Leaving home for school is often a significant step in your child’s road to adulthood but college … Continue reading

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