Remember those jokes you made in your youth about the old folks at Leisure Village? Now that you don’t need such a big house anymore and are beginning to plan for retirement, you may have thought about moving yourself. But where to go? Most Sandwiched Boomers choose to stay near family members but downsize in a way that fits in with their active lifestyle.

A new trend is emerging for Baby Boomers who want to rekindle some of that communal spirit of the 60’s when they move. In 2007 alone, about 40% of new housing for those in midlife is in what is known as ‘age-restricted communities’ and it is estimated that one-third of existing single-family home sales for this age group are in developments for the 55 and older set. Many Boomers are moving to these vibrant communities while they are young enough to enjoy the many recreational activities and create new friendships. They join with other seniors in neighborhood activities, take part in sports together and participate in educational courses. This is not the passive retirement of the past but an exciting new option for the 67 million of us now over 55.

In the next 4 years, it is expected that this age group will make up 40% of all households in America. Will you be a part of it? What would be your ideal living arrangement for the next stage of your life? What do you need to have in your housing choice? What are you willing to give up? What compromises would you make with your partner? Let us hear from you about your considerations for a midlife move.

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