Now that your kidults are settled back in college, does the thought of creating a more grown-up nest cross your mind? Can you visualize more simplicity and less chaos? Think about what it would be like to clean out the drawers, give away the memorabilia no one in the family wants and make your home yours again.

If you decide to make a change, it will be an ongoing process, with both positive and negative emotions. This transition signifies the end of an important chapter in your life – the house full of family and activity, of growing children and all their antics. You may mourn the loss of many things, material and otherwise – valuable pieces of history relegated to the attic or sold for some ridiculous price, the hard discs of your past life, memories triggered by stuff. Yet, you’ll grow to feel content, surrounded by what is most important to you – perhaps the photo albums that trace your family history, souvenirs from your travels or your treasured books – and all the precious memories that you carry around in your head.

As members of the Sandwich Generation, what sort of changes can you anticipate making? Perhaps begin by just thinking about the possibilities. Next week we’ll share some ideas about how to get started.

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