Reaching For Your Goals

We all have a story to tell and our past experiences shape it. What we learn from others helps us appreciate ourselves. In this ebook we present ordinary people who have had life-transforming experiences. You’ll see their imperfections as well as their remarkable courage.

A good narrative can stimulate ideas and action. The stories here are your stories. These folks are like you, with attitudes, thoughts and feelings you’ll find familiar. When you think about the challenges you’re facing and the inevitable changes, do you wonder:

Who am I now?

What are my strengths?

How do I grow?

To help you answer these questions, you’ll find support, information and direction here. Best of all, the tips introduce you to practical strategies and effective solutions. Try them on–you’ll see they can work for you. We know you’ll be inspired. And when you look inside yourself, you’ll find your own hidden courage.

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Practical Strategies and Resources for Success

The fluctuating stock market and high rate of unemployment can be frustrating and scary. With savings in jeopardy, are you worried about how to pay your kids’ college tuition, help your parents on a fixed income and ever be able to retire?

Although this reaction is common, it can lead to big problems at work and at home. In the eight select white papers here, you’ll find practical tips to increase your sense of control. These ideas will help you cope and move you to action:

  • Assess your strengths & resources
  • Acknowledge & accept your painful feelings
  • Redirect your attention to what you can control
  • Decrease your stress through effective tools
  • Integrate & grow stronger as you weather challenges

When you feel less defeated, you’ll make better choices and find powerful solutions for family distress.

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