What is a mentor?

A mentor might be just what you need right now. She’s a good listener, an educator, an adviser, a guide. With her support as a collaborator and coach, you’ll develop the resilience to empower yourself.

How can we help you?

  • Assess your situation
  • Create a safe place to talk
  • Provide information & resources
  • Explore your options & choices
  • Guide your planning process
  • Identify your strengths & coping skills
  • Support your decisions & actions
  • Evaluate & reassess your progress

How does the mentoring process work?

When you decide to begin the mentoring process, e-mail us through our contact page. Let us know about the situation, your primary concerns, and how to contact you.

The fee-for-service process follows a typical format: assess your problem, gather pertinent information, choose a course of action, implement the decision, and evaluate your progress.

We communicate by phone or e-mail, unless you live in the Los Angeles area.


It was a relief to be taken seriously–you have given me hope and some new ideas. I am truly grateful. In actuality, you brought me to tears. The things you asked me to consider have merit. I can tell by my reaction to the questions you encouraged me to ask myself. I will follow each suggestion you so kindly made and see where it leads me. It is certainly easier to just wallow in despair, but I am of the opinion that we are all here to evolve and I need to remember my long-held beliefs and be a bit more courageous.