Many in the sandwich generation face the problems of a family in flux and deal with the complexity of these relationships. If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

You may be tested by several challenges at once – teens pushing the limits, a son off to college, a parent in decline, a divorced daughter moving home, a partner out of work. Perhaps your family is growing and you’ve become a step-mother, mother-in-law or grandmother, adding other relationships to the mix.

These informative white papers are full of easy to incorporate insight and tips. Clicking on the highlighted categories below will take you to specific articles on each subject.  Find inner strength as you focus on nurturing family relationships without starving yourself.

reducing stress

Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns
Coping With Stress and Anxiety After the Earthquake in Haiti
10 Tips For Coping With January Blues
Single and Valentine’s Day: Tips for Less Stress
Michael Jackson and the High Cost of Fame
7 Stops on the Less Stress Express
Domestic Violence: When You’re the One With a Short Fuse
How To Nourish The Sandwich That Is You

thinking positive

Milestones are Not Set in Stone
Women and the Art of Play
If You Have the Blues in Winter, It Can Be SAD
Five Ways to Think Positive in Tough Times
The Masks We All Wear
How to Sing Rock and Roll Instead of the Blues
Sandwiched Boomers: 7 Tips for Fighting Inertia
Halloween: Dealing with Ghosts from the Past

valuing support

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and You
You Can Learn From President Obama’s Mother-in-Law
Celebrate the Holidays with the Gift of Time
Women and Friendship: The Gift You Give Yourself
What Oprah’s Support of Obama has to do with Boomers
How Connection Helps Boomers Reduce Holiday Stress

improving communication

10 Ways to Resolve Inevitable Conflict
Five Tips for Fighting Fair
The Politics of Change and Sandwiched Boomers
Father’s Day, Boomer Men and Communication
Conflict Resolution and Media Culture
Boomers and the Valentine’s Day Gift of Discourse
Politics and Communication

finding role models

Wooden, Wimbledon, Wrong Calls, and the World Cup
Cheer Captain Phillips and Train For Your Own Success
Lessons Boomers Can Learn from Senator Kennedy
Captain Sullenberger: Heroes and Lessons Learned
Mothers Capture Precious Medals at Beijing Olympics
The Real Face of the Beijing Olympics
What Tim Russert Can Teach Boomers

setting goals

No Need to Hibernate All Winter
GEMS for Working Moms
Love Relationship Resolutions
7 Tips on Keeping New Year’s Resolutions
A College Lesson for Parents
Strategies Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Reality
7 Lessons the Olympics Can Teach Boomers
New Year’s Resolutions for Sandwiched Boomers
How to Inventory Your Personal Assets

creating happiness

So You Didn’t Win the Lottery…Now What?
Love Is More Than a Four-Letter Word
Happily Ever After: Tips for William and Kate
Why Sleep-away Camp is Good for your Family
New Freedom as Boomers Embrace the Empty Nest
Susan Boyle’s Beauty on the Inside
5 Steps to Gratitude Despite a Tough Economy

changing yourself

The Weather is Changing, So Can You
Is Time Getting Away From You?
Olympians Medal as Role Models
How to Turn Your Commitment for Change Into Action
Achieve Family Flexibility in Times of Financial Flux
Managing Depression Short of Having Octuplets
Delay Gratification in a Troubled Economy
Six Ways to Beat the Blues
Eliot Spitzer’s Morality Lessons for Boomers
Boomer to Mother-in-Law: How to Play Your New Role

building resilience

Coping with Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Meltdown
The New Normal after Separation
Elizabeth Edwards: Lessons about Resilience
8 Lessons From the Olympics – How to Overcome Fears
Joannie Rochette: Olympic Courage Despite Tragic Loss
Haiti Tragedy: Healing after the Death of Loved Ones
10 Life Lessons From the Academy Awards
Top Ten Self-Fullness Tips for Sandwiched Women
How To Turn A Crisis into A Challenge
What Baby Boomers can Teach Paris Hilton

aging well

Caring for the Caregiver
Amour: Lessons from the 2013 Best Foreign Film
Aging Without Growing Old: How Does Betty White Do It?
7 Tips to Increase Brainpower For Sandwiched Boomers
Recover from Financial Panic by Investing in You
Couples Can Deepen Conversations About Serious Illness
Boomer Women and the Changing Face of Retirement
How Baby Boomers can Feather their Empty Nest

making your relationship work

How To Make a Good Marriage Better
How to Bypass the Road to Divorce
Marital Harmony Despite Financial Woes
Avoiding Infidelity: Tips to Keep Your Partner Faithful
Stock Market Meltdown and Domestic Violence
How Madonna’s Divorce Relates to Boomers
How to Create More Intimacy With Your Valentine
Couples and Change: Examining Your Relationship
The Male Boomer and Long-term

raising children

Summer Vacation: A Working Parent’s Dilemma
7 Tips For Getting Your Children Unplugged
Helping Your Children Cope With Stress
How to Enjoy Family Staycations in a Recession
The Obama Family and Family Values

living with teens

Let Go of Being a Helicopter Parent
Steps to Deal With Bullying
Sexting and Parenting in the Digital Age
Parenting After Weinergate: Talking to Teens About Lying
Rihanna as a Positive Role Model for Teens
Tips For Boomers Planning Summer Staycations
How to Lay Low as Helicopter Parents

boomerang kids

College Graduates Are Moving Home
Refreshing Relationships With Your Boomerang Kids
When Boomerang Kids Come Back
Survive the Economy With Shared Housing
How to Love Your Kidults by Letting Go
How to Launch Your Boomerang Kidult

stretching your boundaries

What Bhutan Can Teach Us about Happiness
America’s National Parks: 6 Tips for Family Vacations
The Magic of Morocco
How to Create Special Family Vacations
Costa Rica: New Ways to Nurture Family
Croatia: The Thrill of Travel

celebrating holidays

Millennials and the Holiday Spirit
Keeping Peace in the Family during the Holidays
Celebrating the Holidays Alone
How Boomers can Give and Get the Gift of Health
The Holidays: Less Stress, More Cheer
What the Sandwich Generation Can Bring to the Table
Observing Veterans Day Can Resonate for Your Family


Michael Jackson’s Children a Year after His Death
Tips For Grandmothers During the Holidays
Create Meaningful Bonds With Grandchildren Across the Miles
How Sandwich Generation Support can Help Britney Spears
Grandparents Day: Boomers and the Sandwich Generation

caring for parents in decline

Three Cheers for the Sandwich Generation
Nourishing Mom on Mother’s Day
How to Shift from Daddy’s Girl to Caregiver for Dad
Your Parents’ Tarnished Golden Years
How to Help Your Parents Create a Legacy of Meaning
Caring for Mom Who Never Cared for You
Male Sandwiched Boomers: A Trend in Caregiving