Welcome to our library, filled with women’s stories. Voices are so personal and they mirror our doubts, history, gifts, identity, secret dreams. Each time we speak, we’re revealing something about ourselves – what we’re proud of and, perhaps, what we most want to hide.

Here we help you nourish your family and yourself, sharing vignettes that resonate and easy to implement ideas. Click on the categories below – relationships, health & wellness, career change & retirement, self discovery – to read articles about each subject. You’re unique, and can tailor the material so that it works for you.

Discover parallels to your own experience and gain insight into your personal drama. Explore the Stepping Stones at the end of each story and use the resources as tools in your own transition. Then send us your narrative so you too can enlighten other women.


  • Active and Meaningful Grandparenting
  • Mothering My Mother
  • Finding a Mate in Mid-Life
  • Living With the Loss of A Love
  • Friendships – Then and Now
  • Fair and Foul Weather Friends
  • The Marriage Dance at Midlife
  • Partners in the Marriage Dance
  • Kitchen Dancing
  • Elder Rage
  • Stepmother Survival Tips

health and wellness

  • Life After Breast Cancer
  • Less Stressful Living
  • The Value of Support
  • Managing Stress
  • Navigating through Menopause
  • Mother Nature and Human Nature

career change and retirement

  • Becoming a Mid-Life Entrepreneur
  • Follow an Old Passion – Find a New Path
  • Redefining Retirement
  • A New Career After Divorce
  • Creating a Dream Career
  • New Career Challenges at Mid-Life
  • Building a Home-Based Internet Business
  • Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone
  • Two Friends Retire


  • A Road to Adventure Volunteering
  • Exploring a Full Life After Fifty
  • Technology Run Amok
  • Creating a New Nest in Mid-Life
  • The Joy of Travel
  • Self-Discovery at 52
  • Finding Purpose in Mid-Life