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Women in Conflict

With Mother’s Day on the horizon and as a Boomer Mom managing complicated family challenges, are you: Ready to give up acting responsible for everyone Fed up with trying to win approval Tired of feeling guilty or blaming yourself If so, create a Mother’s Day that lasts much longer than 24 hours. Rewrite your story, and make nurturing yourself the theme while using the following prompts: Silence your self-doubt. It’s not uncommon for insecurity to be the legacy of this stage of life. Confront your negative internal scripts and put them to … Continue reading

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Disconnect for Your Own Good

In this digital age, technological distractions have taken the place of uninterrupted quiet time. More and more we deprive ourselves of opportunities to disconnect. How about clearing your head and making room for yourself? Take a long walk and let your mind wander. Your internal space will change as you transition from high stress to the welcome awe-inspiring beauty of nature. The shift toward a more peaceful awareness will occur organically. And the silence can be loud enough to awaken your internal voice. Think about your negative feelings and what triggers … Continue reading

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You, Your Difficult Mother and Mother’s Day

Perhaps you’re fed up with trying to win your mom’s approval and be accepted for who you are. Or you’re tired of feeling guilty and blaming yourself for the problems. Although we all want an emotionally healthy relationship with our mother, sometimes it’s not possible. Instead of trying to placate mom, understand that the anger is her problem and it’s not your responsibility to manage her emotions. Silence your self doubt. It’s not uncommon for insecurity to be the legacy of a difficult mother. Challenge your negative internal scripts and … Continue reading

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Difficult Moms and Mother’s Day

When we’re young, it’s mom who gratifies our needs and takes care of our hurts. But she is also the first one to impose control and set limits. As we grow, memories of this primary and most powerful relationship are imprinted deep in our psyche. It’s through attachments that we eventually learn who we are and what we feel. Some moms don’t acknowledge their kids as independent and set up coercive relationships with conditions on love and approval. In all stages of life, children with difficult mothers struggle with self … Continue reading

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