Disconnect for Your Own Good

photo-1In this digital age, technological distractions have taken the place of uninterrupted quiet time. More and more we deprive ourselves of opportunities to disconnect. How about clearing your head and making room for yourself?

Take a long walk and let your mind wander. Your internal space will change as you transition from high stress to the welcome awe-inspiring beauty of nature. The shift toward a more peaceful awareness will occur organically. And the silence can be loud enough to awaken your internal voice. Think about your negative feelings and what triggers them. Is it wondering what others think of you or concern about not being good enough?

New research suggests a correlation between digital multi-tasking and bad feelings.

Social media is a breeding ground for bullying and can subject anyone to scrutiny. Try to worry less about others’ opinions and expectations as you decrease the noise in your head. Then move away from self-doubt and toward accepting yourself.

Imagine a wild fire that has destroyed 70% of the forest. Although the disaster has eliminated the canopy of green, it has also cleared the way for sunlight. Now, with the perfect elements to nurture seedlings, the growth of a new forest begins. Apply this to yourself. How do you create a fertile space where you can make positive changes?

At our desks the Internet is constantly updating information we receive through email and websites. And while driving, we’re connected by mobile phone integration and entertained by innumerable satellite radio stations. Even at night, TV and smart phones with apps continue to stimulate us way beyond our bedtime.

I know quiet empty space can be scary, but set aside your screens from time to time. Resist turning to streaming data for reassurance. Instead tune inward, for your own good.

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