Women in Conflict

mothers-day-photoWith Mother’s Day on the horizon and as a Boomer Mom managing complicated family challenges, are you:

  • Ready to give up acting responsible for everyone
  • Fed up with trying to win approval
  • Tired of feeling guilty or blaming yourself

If so, create a Mother’s Day that lasts much longer than 24 hours. Rewrite your story, and make nurturing yourself the theme while using the following prompts:

Silence your self-doubt. It’s not uncommon for insecurity to be the legacy of this stage of life. Confront your negative internal scripts and put them to rest. Spend time with those who really listen to you as you share your opinions and dreams.

Notice the positives. When you were young, the attitude of others may have made you feel bad about yourself. But you’re no longer that helpless little girl. Have respect for your fierce independence, common sense, good judgment.

Learn to love yourself. As your assets belong to you alone, recognize the strong person you really are. Continue to work toward getting what you need. And you’ll come to realize you are defined only by who you envision yourself to be.

Are you feeling concerned about unfinished family business and potential conflict? Offering forgiveness and letting go of resentments can release you from the past. It’s a gift you give yourself.

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