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No Resolutions for Moms of Millennials

As you begin the New Year, you may decide not to make any resolutions for 2015. According to conventional wisdom, they usually don’t work. If you’re the Mom of a Millennial who has boomeranged back home, try to accept the status quo for now.  Of course, you’re reluctant to turn your new office back into a bedroom. But if your kidult has huge student loans to pay off and can’t find a job, living at home may be the best option. For some practical tips CLICK HERE. Having unrealistic expectations can be the greatest … Continue reading

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New Year’s Intentions

Even though the beginning of 2013 represents a fresh start, how about giving resolutions a rest this year and just trying to do our best? Resolution is such a strong word. It implies that what we were doing before was an issue we now have to resolve. Some of you may see intention as too tentative a word, but I happen to find it more user-friendly. It’s not an authority figure you have to  rebel against. Nor a total commitment, requiring deprivation that inevitably leads to an urge to fill the … Continue reading

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As Sandwiched Boomers caring for parents growing older and children growing up, did 2007 fly by for you? Are you busy wrapping up the year and wiping the slate clean? Or, now that the celebration is upon us, are you thinking about making new year’s resolutions? Some women refuse to even consider the possibility as they regard it as an exercise in futility. However, there are positive ways to see the beginning of 2008 as an opportunity to set realistic goals. Don’t make a long list of what you should … Continue reading

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