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New Year’s Intentions

Even though the beginning of 2013 represents a fresh start, how about giving resolutions a rest this year and just trying to do our best? Resolution is such a strong word. It implies that what we were doing before was an issue we now have to resolve. Some of you may see intention as too tentative a word, but I happen to find it more user-friendly. It’s not an authority figure you have to  rebel against. Nor a total commitment, requiring deprivation that inevitably leads to an urge to fill the … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep Your 2011 Resolutions Going Strong

Gift yourself in 2011 – just like this little guy, enjoy the moment and new discoveries. Try to find mystery and wonder in the simple pleasures.Keep this in mind as the new year begins. Are you setting new goals? It’s common practice, and the majority fall into the categories of losing weight, smoking cessation and starting an exercise program. But even more common is the tendency to break New Year’s resolutions. Research suggests that the longterm success rate is only around 20%. Chances are, at some time, you’ve been a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution to Take Care of Yourself

If your resolution is to take better care of yourself, make sure that you have a mindset to accomplish your goals. Resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking that are too ambitious can be difficult to achieve. Be realistic. Strive for a goal that is reasonable and attainable. Instead of resolving to never again eat the fattening foods you love, avoid them more often than you do now. Choose practical solutions that you will be allow you to succeed. Outline a specific plan. If you decide to stop smoking, how … Continue reading

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Sandwiched Boomers and New Year’s Resolutions

The idea of New Year’s resolutions is not really new. In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of beginnings and endings, and was usually depicted with two heads facing in opposite directions. According to legend, one of his heads looked backwards into the old year and the other forwards into the new one. Over two thousand years ago, the Romans ended the year by reviewing the one before. They resolved to achieve more in the new year and pay homage to Janus, namesake of the month January. As Sandwiched Boomers, … Continue reading

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