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Becoming a superhero

Superheroes traditionally dominate the blockbuster motion picture ratings each summer and this one is no exception. These larger-than-life characters appeal to our kids, who idolize them and aspire to become all-powerful too. I recall a favorite summertime activity in my own childhood – sitting on the floor in the corner of our local drug store reading the latest edition of all the action comic books, especially Wonder Woman. Their personas provide a sense of possibility for adults as well, encouraging us to dream of what we might become. With their … Continue reading

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Me, My Pedometer and MoonWalk

I blogged last month about participating in the MoonWalk half marathon. Rosemary and I, both cancer survivors, are excited about walking through Manhattan on July 20th to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. When I started training, I planned to walk 6 days a week. I like the idea of setting goals and working toward them. But it’s hard when my inner critic keeps telling me that I’m not measuring up. You know how life can get in the way, and sometimes I didn’t feel like walking the distance. … Continue reading

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Milestones not set in stone

I’ve been thinking about milestones a lot lately as I just celebrated another landmark birthday. Crossing from one personal decade into another is a significant event and takes on a life of its own. Connecting with friends who are also making this transition has managed to help us all focus on what we’ve gained over the years – memories, perspective, wisdom – rather than on what we’ve lost – agility, some energy, our youth! My personal age marker coincided with a milestone the stock market reached last Friday, when the … Continue reading

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Communication, Generosity and Thank You

Did you know that June is effective communication month? As family relationships experts doing much of our work online, every point of contact is a chance to share our mission – how to help boomers find solutions to the problems of parents growing older and kids growing up. The challenge is to convey information that is practical and motivates our readers to take action. We want to tell you about Fotolia.com, a website that is helping us spread our message this month. They’ve given us the opportunity to download as … Continue reading

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