Communication, Generosity and Thank You

Did you know that June is effective communication month? As family relationships experts doing much of our work online, every point of contact is a chance to share our mission – how to help boomers find solutions to the problems of parents growing older and kids growing up. The challenge is to convey information that is practical and motivates our readers to take action.

We want to tell you about, a website that is helping us spread our message this month. They’ve given us the opportunity to download as many of their photos as we want and feature them in our blog posts, free of charge. This gift will make the visuals on our blog stand out and help us connect with the widest possible audience. If you need photos for your blog, Fotolia has extended their offer to you as well – just click on ‘comments’ below, let us know if you’re interested and leave your email address. We’ll get that information to them. You can also check out their website, blog and forums or even put your own exceptional photos on their site.

I’ve often said that the Internet is like the Wild West, where everyone has a voice but there’s no policing agency. Yet we’ve found it to be an incredibly rich, supportive and generous environment. And how does generosity help make the world go round? Of course, the receiver feels warm and fuzzy. And the giver has a chance to connect, share, and contribute. It’s a win/win for everyone. So we’re grateful,, and appreciate what you’ve done!

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