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Blogging for Moms of Millennials

We appreciate your loyalty over the past 14 years. As we approach our 9th anniversary of blogging and the launch of our book for the Moms of Millennials, we celebrate you! CLICK ON THE LINKS after the numbers below for articles that can help you navigate the inevitable family transitions. Do you ever wonder if the only constant is change? As our children grow into teens and kidults move on to college-then sometimes back home again-it’s not easy to integrate all the complex emotions. And the empty nest brings it’s own … Continue reading

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Blogging About Health

Health is sometimes like a computer or car – we take it for granted when everything is going well but when there’s a problem, it takes over and wreaks havoc in our lives.  Perhaps thinking more about wellness and how to take an active role in promoting good health can help us keep our bodies running more smoothly. Now we’ve begun to do just that. In addition to our posts here at HerMentorCenter.com, we’re participating in a yearlong blogging journey aimed at improving health and wellness. Joining other bloggers at … Continue reading

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Sandwiched Boomers: Our Gift to You

Just for today, please indulge us in a stroll down memory lane. It’s been 10 years since we published our first Stepping Stones newsletter and 5 years that we’ve been blogging here at Nourishing Relationships. Early on we discovered that the Internet was like the Wild West and we joined with other pioneers to build a thriving community. We’ve met some incredible women through our work and want to share narratives they wrote for issues of the newsletter, some dating way back to 2001. Read about joys and struggles of … Continue reading

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Communication, Generosity and Thank You

Did you know that June is effective communication month? As family relationships experts doing much of our work online, every point of contact is a chance to share our mission – how to help boomers find solutions to the problems of parents growing older and kids growing up. The challenge is to convey information that is practical and motivates our readers to take action. We want to tell you about Fotolia.com, a website that is helping us spread our message this month. They’ve given us the opportunity to download as … Continue reading

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