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Reflecting on what truly matters

We tell our children that you can learn more from failure than from success. But do we actually believe that ourselves? What do we do after we’ve failed to reach a goal we set for ourselves? This week, I’ve had a chance to reflect on these questions myself in a very personal way. On Sunday, I was unable to finish the Moonwalk half marathon – fainting from the heat and humidity after mile 12 of the 13.1 – and I experienced many feelings in the aftermath. Some I expected – … Continue reading

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Picking Yourself Up After A Defeat

This weekend I remembered the tag line of that iconic old TV sports show, Wide World of Sports – “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat” – as I sat on the ground just a mile or so shy of my goal. I had planned to power walk a half-marathon overnight with Phyllis but my plan was derailed just after 3:00 a.m. The Moonwalk raised funds for breast cancer screening and I still met that goal. But I fainted from the overwhelming heat and humidity in New York City … Continue reading

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Me, My Pedometer and MoonWalk

I blogged last month about participating in the MoonWalk half marathon. Rosemary and I, both cancer survivors, are excited about walking through Manhattan on July 20th to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. When I started training, I planned to walk 6 days a week. I like the idea of setting goals and working toward them. But it’s hard when my inner critic keeps telling me that I’m not measuring up. You know how life can get in the way, and sometimes I didn’t feel like walking the distance. … Continue reading

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The MoonWalk in Manhattan

Rosemary and I have a long history. We’ve been friends for 35 years, ever since our husbands coached our sons in basketball. And we’ve worked together online – consulting, blogging, publishing a monthly newsletter, writing articles – for the past 12 years. Ten months ago we embarked on a new adventure with WellPoint. We’ve been tracing our health journey through videos and blogging on the Real Health website. Last fall we each did a video-blog about our health goals for the year, and exercise was a primary one for both of … Continue reading

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