Me, My Pedometer and MoonWalk

I blogged last month about participating in the MoonWalk half marathon. Rosemary and I, both cancer survivors, are excited about walking through Manhattan on July 20th to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

photo-1When I started training, I planned to walk 6 days a week. I like the idea of setting goals and working toward them. But it’s hard when my inner critic keeps telling me that I’m not measuring up. You know how life can get in the way, and sometimes I didn’t feel like walking the distance.

But I was not doing it alone. Sometimes I walked with Rosemary, most often with my husband. But the constant support and motivator, always at my side, was the nifty little pedometer you see in the photo. It’s a wireless activity tracker that became the ultimate ongoing positive reinforcement.

Electronic and syncing to my iphone, it gave me  daily feedback about how many calories I burned, how many steps I took and how many miles that was. When I had an exceptional day, it rewarded me with online badges and trophies. I could even tweet the results and post them for my Facebook friends. Who wouldn’t want to do better and get all that love? In fact, along the way, I decided to turn off my inner critic.

Rosemary and I are leaving for New York today. Instead of leaving my pedometer at home, I’ve decided to take it with me. We’ve developed such a good relationship, I want it to enjoy the adventure as well.

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