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Milestones not set in stone

I’ve been thinking about milestones a lot lately as I just celebrated another landmark birthday. Crossing from one personal decade into another is a significant event and takes on a life of its own. Connecting with friends who are also making this transition has managed to help us all focus on what we’ve gained over the years – memories, perspective, wisdom – rather than on what we’ve lost – agility, some energy, our youth! My personal age marker coincided with a milestone the stock market reached last Friday, when the … Continue reading

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Coping with the Unhappiest Day of the Year

Earlier this week, we experienced what has traditionally been dubbed “the unhappiest day of the year.” For those in the Northern Hemisphere, January is often the most depressing month: the days are cold, the nights long, bills from the holidays have arrived, and we’ve already broken many of our New Year’s resolutions. So what can we do – this week – to cheer up, take on a different approach and make the choice to move forward? Here are some strategies that work for me when I’m dealing with hassles. Give … Continue reading

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One Sandwiched Boomer reading yesterday’s post said she’s scared because she’s lost so much of her retirement money. And she doesn’t know how to begin. Finding out all the information you can about your situation is a good place to start. Then take small steps as you make decisions about what you need to do and how to proceed. Stay proactive by identifying your financial stressors and making a plan. Write down specific means by which you and your family can reduce expenses or manage your money more efficiently. Although … Continue reading

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