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This Holiday Season, Take Care of your Family AND Yourself

Try taking care of yourself during the holidays and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as your stress level goes down. And even with a more relaxed frame of mind, everything will still fall into place. Be a role model and teach by example – slow down your pace and do something for yourself as you work hard to make the holidays special for your family. If you feel ready to pass the baton to the younger generation, do it. Next year you can encourage and support your kidults as they preserve … Continue reading

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The Masks We Wear as Our Kids Grow Up

You deserve the life you want. If you’re having problems with changes, in your job, finances or family, take the time to evaluate the situation. Understanding and working through the impact is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. As members of The Sandwich Generation, just like these masks, sometimes you may not know whether to laugh or cry. Handling the responsibilities of a family in flux can be overwhelming – especially when you growing kids are working toward moving out. As they experiment with being … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers and the Empty Nest

Now that autumn is here and your college-aged kids have moved out, you may be feeling unsettled, even melancholy. This can be a complicated time of transition for some families – but not all. For some parents ‘no kids at home’ represents a fresh start. Here’s what Mira had to say after her youngest child went away to college: “This is the only time I’ve been completely free since my daughter was born. I spent months after she went away to college just relaxing and doing whatever I wanted, until … Continue reading

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As a longstanding member of the Sandwich Generation, are you tired of preparing the Thanksgiving dinner and ready to pass the baton to the next generation? What follows are some tips that will help you create new holiday rituals: Make this Thanksgiving a rite of passage. If you want to be a guest instead of the hostess, tell your family how you feel. Whether you’re edging your kidults out of the nest or taking a well deserved break, begin to shift the responsibility of family get-togethers to the next generation. … Continue reading

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