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Support for Parents

Now that Labor Day has passed and summer is officially over, are your kids back in school? Before you begin the new cycle of carpools, homework, sports and after school activities, this might be a good time to step back and think about parenting and where you can look for support when you’re facing the inevitable challenges of raising children. It seems like there are always issues with your kids no matter what age or level of school. Here are some questions for you and resources we’ve put together to … Continue reading

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The Empty Nest in Tough Economic Times

These are tough times, with so many baby boomers suffering from unemployment, money problems and foreclosure. There are plenty of reasons to feel anxious and sad. And if you’re dealing with the empty nest, that may feel like the last straw. Give yourself an emotional break and see what happens. Understand that even though your kids have moved out, you’re still needed although not in the same way. Letting go of your parenting responsibilities means letting go of the family role you’ve played so far. Sit back and breathe in … Continue reading

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Sleep-away Camp: Ambivalence for the Kids and You

My first memories are of Girl Guide camp in Canada, where we slept in tents and cooked our meals over an open fire. After many experiences at camp, I met my husband when we were both counselors in the mountains of North Carolina. And camp has been a family tradition ever since. What about you? Just as you’re settling into the lazy days of summer, are you shifting gears to get the kids ready for sleep-away camp? If this is a first, there may be ambivalent feelings all around. In … Continue reading

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Grandmothers Hold On and Let Go

Over spring break, I had a chance to think about the eternal balance for grandmothers as well as mothers – between holding on and letting go. I recognized the dilemma as we took our visiting grandsons to an amusement park that offered trapeze lessons. I watched each of them climb up the tall ladder, perch on the small landing, reach for the bar of the trapeze and then leap out into the air, swinging freely on the trapeze. After a few swings, each one raised his legs up, hooked them … Continue reading

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