This Holiday Season, Take Care of your Family AND Yourself

Try taking care of yourself during the holidays and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as your stress level goes down. And even with a more relaxed frame of mind, everything will still fall into place. Be a role model and teach by example – slow down your pace and do something for yourself as you work hard to make the holidays special for your family.

If you feel ready to pass the baton to the younger generation, do it. Next year you can encourage and support your kidults as they preserve the old family traditions and create new holiday customs of their own. You’ll see that cheering from the sidelines is good for everyone.

Family lighting menorah

In the midst of taking care of your family’s needs during this hectic season, continue to pay attention to your own wellbeing. Arrange to plan ahead and, when they offer, accept help from others. And try to include fun and laughter in all that you do. During the holidays, while you may wish for peace on earth and peace in your family, don’t overlook the importance of your own peace of mind.

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