Baby Boomers and the Empty Nest

Now that autumn is here and your college-aged kids have moved out, you may be feeling unsettled, even melancholy. This can be a complicated time of transition for some families – but not all.

For some parents ‘no kids at home’ represents a fresh start. Here’s what Mira had to say after her youngest child went away to college: “This is the only time I’ve been completely free since my daughter was born. I spent months after she went away to college just relaxing and doing whatever I wanted, until I got bored. And now I’ve enrolled in graduate school – I’m going to pursue my passion for learning and an MBA.”

So let’s figure out what it is that you’re really thinking about – how they’ll get along in school or how you’ll adjust to the empty nest?

All week we’ll be focusing on this timely topic and we want to hear from you. If your kids are away at school, what are the unexpected feelings you are dealing with? And, if this transition is behind you, what words of wisdom can you share with all of us?

Settle into the subject by clicking on the title of this post. That will take you to and an article about How to Love your Kidults by Letting Go.

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