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Boomerang Kids and Mother’s Day

Over 20 million adult kids are living at home. Parents who are dealing with this challenge worry about ongoing financial stress and the possibility of having to delay retirement. According to a recent survey, boomers who financially provide for their boomerang Millennials are 25% more likely to have heightened anxiety. How many times have you told your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, how about asking for cooperation? Here are practical tips to get your family started: Learn to say no. Don’t put your grown … Continue reading

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Adding Brain Power

If you found our blog by Googling or responding to a Google Alert about a subject that concerned you – aging parents, growing children, nourishing relationships, family conflicts, Sandwiched Boomers – or by surfing the Internet for topics of interest, or you are a regular reader, congratulations, you are increasing your brain power! According to a study soon to be published by the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, a team of UCLA scientists have found that middle aged and older adults who search the Internet, using the web on a … Continue reading

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As the day approaches for Americans to acknowledge and pay respect to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his accomplishments, Democrats seem to be going from bad to worse as they wrangle over who played the race card first when evaluating Dr. King’s legacy. Supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama imply the other’s comments brought racism into the primaries. It’s hard to say who threw the first punch, but clearly the campaigning is getting dirty. What happens within your own family when you have conflicts? Do you begin … Continue reading

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There’s a lot riding on family time during the holidays and this can create stress for Sandwiched Boomers. There’s the challenge of trying to accommodate so many others’ needs and still not compromise your own. Of course, there are the ghosts of holidays past, coupled with the expectations of today – sometimes unrealistic and often unfulfilled. Try the following tips: 1. If you get into a conflict with a family member who is unreasonable, don’t take the bait. Despite how hard it may be, go for the higher ground and … Continue reading

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