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Listing Your Assets and Liabilities

Engage in an active process of getting to know your true self and what you want to do. Think about what you would see if you held up a mirror to your inner self. What nurtures your creative thinking? What stimulates your curiosity? What do you really value and care about? What are your dreams and passions? When you can honestly answer these questions for yourself, you can begin to identify what is your life purpose. Only then can you go about achieving it. How would you like to share … Continue reading

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There’s a lot riding on family time during the holidays and this can create stress for Sandwiched Boomers. There’s the challenge of trying to accommodate so many others’ needs and still not compromise your own. Of course, there are the ghosts of holidays past, coupled with the expectations of today – sometimes unrealistic and often unfulfilled. Try the following tips: 1. If you get into a conflict with a family member who is unreasonable, don’t take the bait. Despite how hard it may be, go for the higher ground and … Continue reading

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