As the day approaches for Americans to acknowledge and pay respect to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his accomplishments, Democrats seem to be going from bad to worse as they wrangle over who played the race card first when evaluating Dr. King’s legacy. Supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama imply the other’s comments brought racism into the primaries. It’s hard to say who threw the first punch, but clearly the campaigning is getting dirty.

What happens within your own family when you have conflicts? Do you begin to hit below the belt? Learning to fight fairly is important, especially for Sandwiched Boomers who are stressed daily by the struggles of caring for aging parents and growing children. When you are feeling frustrated and exhausted by your responsibilities as a caregiver to your family in flux, resist the tendency to unload your raw anger on those nearest and dearest to you. Make a commitment to address the issues openly and honestly – but without rancor. You can let others know what you need without blaming them for your situation. Talk about how they can change their behaviors rather than attacking their character traits. As you continue to work on improving the relations within your family, you will all grow in respect for one another. And respecting each person in the family of man honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his message every day.

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