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Synopsis: Caring for Aging Parents

Yesterday the Virtual Book Tour with Barbara Friesen about her book, The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success Guide, was very well received. And we had a lively exchange of comments, questions and answers throughout the day. Our thanks to all of you who participated! What follows is a summary of readers’ comments and Barbara’s thoughtful responses. Most of the questions were about the changes that parents were going through and how to deal with them. And many had concerns about how to come to terms with their own feelings. One in particular: … Continue reading

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“No, you don’t need to bring in anyone to help me. I can take care of myself!” “But, Mom, everyone is going. You never let me do anything with my friends!” Are these the opening salvos in your talks with your parents and children nowadays? Lately we’ve received questions from Sandwiched Boomers about how to improve communications with family members – aging parents who are beginning to lose some mental sharpness, teenagers who are closing doors to parents, both literally and figuratively, grown offspring and their marital partners who are … Continue reading

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On February 18 this year, Americans will celebrate President’s Day – another watered-down Monday, long-weekend-holiday filled with retail sales and little mention of the meaning of the day. We Baby Boomers remember when, instead, we honored Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and George Washington’s on February 22. It seemed easier then to teach children the values of the founding fathers and honorable Presidents. Who could forget the story of George Washington admitting that he chopped down the cherry tree, saying “I cannot tell a lie,” or the myriad tales … Continue reading

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Here are the tips we promised this week to help you care for yourself as well as your aging parents when their golden years are tarnished. You can use these suggestions to reduce your Sandwiched Generation stress during the holidays and long after: Give up your ideas of perfection and be realistic about the path ahead. You will not have the benefit you had imagined of involved, wise, old parents in your life. Acknowledge that the dementia will steadily increase and your parents will become less and less responsive to … Continue reading

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