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Is it Hard for You to Express Gratitude?

You can type it out in a few keystrokes. It’s just one short syllable. Why, then, is it so difficult to say thanks? We are often focused on ourselves – Galileo may have proved that the earth revolved around the sun but most of us secretly believe that the world itself revolves around us. It is sometimes hard to pull out of that orbit and become more aware of the contributions of others. And we all tend to take good things for granted. Humans instinctively pay more attention to threats … Continue reading

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Moroccan Souks as a Way of Life

The souks and markets are a way of life in Morocco and you usually won’t have to go too far to find one. They are arguably the most exciting, colorful and enticing aspects of the culture. And one of the main aesthetic attractions is food, as indicated by this kiosk of olives. Open air food stalls offer big bowls of snail soup and dried fruit sellers line the countless alleyways. At every turn fruit and vegetable merchants are haggling over the price of their produce. Herbal medicines that will cure … Continue reading

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Caring for Aging Parents: Virtual Book Tour Finale

Below you’ll find a final couple of comments that readers posted over the weekend on the complicated subject of caring for aging parents. A common dilemma that can come up for sibling who are working together to help their elderly parents: My brother and I can’t agree on the best course of action to take with my dad who is 88. Dad has been having so many problems, the doctors say they can do a dramatic procedure which will hurt his quality of life but give him more years. I … Continue reading

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Synopsis: Caring for Aging Parents

Yesterday the Virtual Book Tour with Barbara Friesen about her book, The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success Guide, was very well received. And we had a lively exchange of comments, questions and answers throughout the day. Our thanks to all of you who participated! What follows is a summary of readers’ comments and Barbara’s thoughtful responses. Most of the questions were about the changes that parents were going through and how to deal with them. And many had concerns about how to come to terms with their own feelings. One in particular: … Continue reading

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