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Photos from National Parks

Here are some photographs of the vacation one of our readers and her husband took as they began their life in retirement:“My husband and I retired in May and celebrated with a motor trip to several National Parks – Bryce, Zion, Shasta, Crater, Grand Tetons, Glacier and Yellowstone. The weather was glorious, the trees, streams, mountains, flowers magnificent and the various shades of green a wonder to behold. After 25 years of raising kids and being cooped up in offices, spending three weeks in nature was truly a breath of … Continue reading

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“No, you don’t need to bring in anyone to help me. I can take care of myself!” “But, Mom, everyone is going. You never let me do anything with my friends!” Are these the opening salvos in your talks with your parents and children nowadays? Lately we’ve received questions from Sandwiched Boomers about how to improve communications with family members – aging parents who are beginning to lose some mental sharpness, teenagers who are closing doors to parents, both literally and figuratively, grown offspring and their marital partners who are … Continue reading

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We have received several interesting comments to our recent blogs, two of which we want to highlight today. They represent the range of issues we Boomer Sandwich Generation women are dealing with these days. Audrey, a college admission counselor, knows that when our offspring leave for college, we parents have many reactions to the empty nest – sadness, relief, loneliness, satisfaction, the realization that our hands-on parenting days are over. We also have more of a valuable commodity, free time. She has created a program which takes advantage of the … Continue reading

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Have you bought into the commercialism of Father’s Day, thinking fancy ties and expensive tools would bring you closer – only to find that you still want better communication with the important man in your life? According to research findings on the effectiveness of marital therapy, communication was one of the most commonly reported and difficult to manage problems in marriage. It is well known that discrepancies in how men and women talk to each other can lead to further conflict as the partners begin to focus blame on themselves, … Continue reading

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