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Families Are Inspired in the National Parks

Given your limited budget this year, have you made any plans for summer vacation? For some Sandwiched Boomers, squeezed between caring for growing children and aging parents, the choices may be limited. According to a recent poll, close to 80% of adults believe that family and friends are more important than possessions – in other words, relationships trump ‘bling’ in creating happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment of the American dream. So, in these tough financial times, families are still taking vacations together yet are managing to cut back on their spending. … Continue reading

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On February 18 this year, Americans will celebrate President’s Day – another watered-down Monday, long-weekend-holiday filled with retail sales and little mention of the meaning of the day. We Baby Boomers remember when, instead, we honored Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12 and George Washington’s on February 22. It seemed easier then to teach children the values of the founding fathers and honorable Presidents. Who could forget the story of George Washington admitting that he chopped down the cherry tree, saying “I cannot tell a lie,” or the myriad tales … Continue reading

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