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Millennials head and wordsWe appreciate your loyalty over the past 14 years. As we approach our 9th anniversary of blogging and the launch of our book for the Moms of Millennials, we celebrate you! CLICK ON THE LINKS after the numbers below for articles that can help you navigate the inevitable family transitions.

Do you ever wonder if the only constant is change?

As our children grow into teens and kidults move on to college-then sometimes back home again-it’s not easy to integrate all the complex emotions. And the empty nest brings it’s own concerns as you reconnect with a partner, develop new goals or create different traditions:

  1. Living with Teens
  2. Boomerang Kids
  3. Making Your Relationship Work

Could you use an anchor in the rough waters of change?

Intergenerational families have multiplied since the Great Recession. With all the comings and goings resulting from economic pressures, the image of a revolving door comes to mind. You may be dealing with a Millennial who can’t find a job, aging parents who need financial help, or boomerang kids down on their luck:

  1. Reducing Stress
  2. Improving Communication
  3. Setting Goals

And what about you?

You may be a mom whose grown children have moved back and you’ve assumed old roles. But this is only a temporary stop on their quest for independence. When they stand on their own feet again, so can you finally start dancing on yours. Get ready to ignite old passions:

  1. Stretching Your Boundaries
  2. Thinking Positive
  3. Changing Yourself

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. If you’re facing the challenges of boomerang kids or having a hard time letting go of Millennials, tell us about it. What are the puzzling issues, your greatest insight and the best parts? Please leave a reply by following the prompts below.

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