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Health is sometimes like a computer or car – we take it for granted when everything is going well but when there’s a problem, it takes over and wreaks havoc in our lives.  Perhaps thinking more about wellness and how to take an active role in promoting good health can help us keep our bodies running more smoothly. Now we’ve begun to do just that.

In addition to our posts here at, we’re participating in a yearlong blogging journey aimed at improving health and wellness. Joining other bloggers at the Real Health website, each of us are writing from different perspectives – new mother, single father, mother of a teen and younger child, retired serviceman baby boomer. Our unique viewpoint is as seniors.

You’ll find video posts from us about our health goals, how we build in flexibility during travels to achieve them, how we thrive as seniors, how friendship and relationships help us age healthfully. Follow us all year at our Real Health channel as we share our stories with you. You’ll find a new post from us every Wednesday as we talk about our goals for good health and progress toward reaching them. And let us know what your own health challenges are and what you’re doing to stay well.

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