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We Remember 9/11

Whereas it was 12 years ago, that horrifying and heartbreaking day is still clearly etched in our collective memory. The┬ánational psyche changed forever on September 11, 2001. Today, once again, the New York anniversary ceremony took on the familiarity of ritual. There were family members reading the names of those who lost their lives, time to reflect, moments of silence. I can picture the collapsing towers and hand-held flyers with with smiling faces of loved ones. What powerful images of despair, suffering and staggering loss. But I also recall so … Continue reading

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Creating a Holiday Spirit Yourself

If you’re newly alone this year, the holidays may remind you of the joys and sorrows of past gatherings. But try to stay focused in the present. Let go of your expectations and instead create celebrations that are meaningful to you now. You’ll find your experience of these special days can create new memories to savor throughout the year. Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Now that you’ve used Monday’s tips to get started, here are some more for coping with the holidays on your own: Consider your finances. You’ll need … Continue reading

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Two readers used the comment section yesterday to tell us about their family staycations. Elaine talked about how she and her kids would go to their favorite creek watering hole, called “Flat Rocks” and just hang out for the afternoon – swimming, lazing in the sun, splashing while she read a good book. “Family time was what it’s all about,” she said. Another comment was about how their family enjoyed making videos, pretending they were television shows – everyone, including the children, got to participate. Both of these women were … Continue reading

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