Two readers used the comment section yesterday to tell us about their family staycations. Elaine talked about how she and her kids would go to their favorite creek watering hole, called “Flat Rocks” and just hang out for the afternoon – swimming, lazing in the sun, splashing while she read a good book. “Family time was what it’s all about,” she said. Another comment was about how their family enjoyed making videos, pretending they were television shows – everyone, including the children, got to participate. Both of these women were creating memories to last through the years.

Here are some more ideas to help you choose activities for your staycation. Sandwiched Boomers, caring for growing children and aging parents, often put themselves last in the process. This time, do some things to enrich yourself too.

Explore your immediate surroundings and discover something new. Take a city bus tour and see the sights that you’ve never noticed before. Expand your horizons and those of your family members. Visit a museum near you – often they offer entrance fee free days or discounts for local patrons. Participate together in a creative activity like ceramic painting or a mini-course in photography at the community center. Visit the campus of a local college and wander through the library. You may uncover an interest you never realized you had.

Remember to include the universal vacation ritual – take lots of photos and videos to share with your friends. Looking at the pictures of your family’s smiling faces will enhance your memories of the special times you spent together. Continue the feelings of togetherness by creating an album commemorating your first family staycation.

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