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Your Personal Health Plan Reduces Your Stress

The proposed national healthcare bill remains in the news as more town meetings are set up to discuss the details. The latest poll by the Pew Research Center indicates Americans are interested in the issue but currently more of them oppose the legislation than support it, 44% to 38%. Whatever your stance on the bill being drafted by Congress, you can develop your own personal health plan that will ensure a healthier lifestyle for you. With the economy continuing to stall and family responsibilities growing, your stress levels may be … Continue reading

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Stress Reaction to Trauma

The first few nights after the emergency landing, Sullenberger couldn’t sleep. He questioned his performance, even though all 155 people aboard survived. Initially he had trouble forgiving himself because he thought he could have done something different. Sullenberger’s emotional reaction is very common and normal. What follows are some tips that may be helpful if you or loved ones experience a traumatic event: Develop stress relievers. If you have endured an extraordinary physical or emotional experience, take time out for yourself. By regular exercise, good nutrition and proper rest, you’ll … Continue reading

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Our final tip this week comes full circle to taking better care of youself. The more you do, the better able you are to care for others. Remember what the stewardess says on each plane trip, put on your own oxygen mask before you try to help your children put on theirs. Take care of yourself. You know what you need to do. Find a way to make it happen. Get a good night’s sleep – 6 to 8 hours a night helps you physically, improving your immune response, as … Continue reading

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As your anxiety rises from the uncertainty of the economic turmoil, take action to prevent your increasing stress from boiling over onto your family. Here are two more tips, be you a Sandwiched Boomer or not: Ask for help and get support from those around you in order to reduce the stress in your life. See a financial planner to set some goals and make a concrete plan about how to achieve them. Where you can, take action to relieve your worries. When you are not feeling so overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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