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NBCAM and Coping with Breast Cancer

During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are especially focused on early detection and improving the management of breast cancer, should it be diagnosed. Today’s coping tips can help you support yourself – emotionally and physically – through the difficult process of dealing with breast cancer and its treatments. Enjoy the support you receive from others. Your family and friends can provide a network of support for you. You may also want to join a breast cancer support group, either in person or on-line. Support is helpful in several … Continue reading

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The Empty Nest: A Chance to Reinvent Yourself

One reader sums it up: “I am a full believer that the better way to avoid the problems of empty nest is balance. Your entire life cannot be the kids. Throughout the child rearing days a portion of your time and mind should go to continuing to build the relationship with your spouse. Another important portion of your time and mind should go to nurturing yourself. Doing what you love to do. When the kids are gone you have more time to dedicate to both of these. There is always … Continue reading

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Your Personal Health Plan: 10 Tips for Self-fullness

The proposed national healthcare bill is sparking discussion across the country. Members of Congress are finding vocal constituents at town hall meetings in their districts. Is it a real grass roots protest or astroturf? When AARP representatives prematurely end a meeting because senior citizen members there challenge AARP support of the bill, frustrations grow on both sides. And when the White House posts a blog encouraging citizens to report “fishy” information about the proposed health plan, the controversy widens. What can you do? Learn more about the House health bill … Continue reading

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Your Personal Health Plan Sets Reasonable Standards

No matter what age women have attained, many still act the part of the ‘good girl,’ responding to the needs of others first. It’s fitting that these multitasking women are called the Sandwich Generation – since a sandwich often means a quick bite to eat on the run for those who don’t have the time for a sit-down meal. Why not begin to take more time nourishing youself? Instead of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations – yours or others – draft a set of realistic, reasonable, achievable standards. … Continue reading

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