Tips to Keep Your 2011 Resolutions Going Strong

Gift yourself in 2011 – just like this little guy, enjoy the moment and new discoveries. Try to find mystery and wonder in the simple pleasures.Keep this in mind as the new year begins. Are you setting new goals? It’s common practice, and the majority fall into the categories of losing weight, smoking cessation and starting an exercise program. But even more common is the tendency to break New Year’s resolutions. Research suggests that the longterm success rate is only around 20%. Chances are, at some time, you’ve been a part of this statistic. How can you stop the cycle of resolving to make change, but then not following through? Here are some strategies that may help:

Be realistic.
Strive for a goal that is reasonable and attainable. Instead of resolving to never again eat the fattening foods you love, avoid them more often than you do now. Choose practical solutions that you will be help you succeed.

Outline your plan and have a backup. If you decide to stop smoking, how will you deal with the temptation to have one more cigarette? What about calling on a friend for support or participating in a pleasurable activity instead. Or practice positive thinking and visualize a healthier body. Know that you’ll cough less, breathe easier and be able to exercise more.

Talk about it. Don’t keep your new goal a secret. Find a friend who shares your resolve and continue to motivate each other. Find support through a smoking cessation program or join a weight loss group. Tell family members who can be there to talk you through the tough times.

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