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Families Rejoice in The National Parks

This week’s nighttime bear attack on a campground outside of Yellowstone was a dramatic reminder of the power of these wild animals. Estimates are that about 125 grizzly and 500 black bears roam the backwoods in Yellowstone. Yet this unprovoked attack on humans was seen as aberrant behavior by the mother grizzy and her cubs. Rangers say that visitors have a one in 1.9 million chance of being attacked, as long as they follow all the established safety precautions. So, taking care not to approach wild animals in the National … Continue reading

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Families Learn and Grow in the National Parks

Vice President Biden made news this week by visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon with his daughter. Last year, President Obama brought his own family to these majestic national treasures. But you don’t have to be a politician or a celebrity to enjoy “America’s best idea,” as Ken Burns dubbed the National Parks. Make a plan to spend time with your family in the great outdoors – be inspired, educated and motivated to protect our rich environment. The last post encouraged you to engage in the world around you and … Continue reading

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Families Are Inspired in the National Parks

Given your limited budget this year, have you made any plans for summer vacation? For some Sandwiched Boomers, squeezed between caring for growing children and aging parents, the choices may be limited. According to a recent poll, close to 80% of adults believe that family and friends are more important than possessions – in other words, relationships trump ‘bling’ in creating happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment of the American dream. So, in these tough financial times, families are still taking vacations together yet are managing to cut back on their spending. … Continue reading

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Photos from National Parks

Here are some photographs of the vacation one of our readers and her husband took as they began their life in retirement:“My husband and I retired in May and celebrated with a motor trip to several National Parks – Bryce, Zion, Shasta, Crater, Grand Tetons, Glacier and Yellowstone. The weather was glorious, the trees, streams, mountains, flowers magnificent and the various shades of green a wonder to behold. After 25 years of raising kids and being cooped up in offices, spending three weeks in nature was truly a breath of … Continue reading

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