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Creating Intimacy on Valentine’s Day

Other than often sharing center stage on Valentine’s Day, what do chocolate and sex have in common? Dopamine – it is released when each are experienced, producing a sense of pleasure. So today we let you in on some more tips for creating intimacy with your partner even if you’re not a chocoholic. Recreate the romance with your partner. Add some mystery to your usual evenings together. Being affectionate and playful can help restore the initial excitement you shared early in your relationship. Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. Bringing humor … Continue reading

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Building Memories on Valentine’s Day

A survey of women after last Valentine’s Day found that 2/3 of them were disappointed in the way the day had turned out for them. Either their expectations were too high or the realities too low. In either case, why not talk with your partner before Valentine’s Day and decide to do something different this year. You can make it a special day for you both, even if you are a Sandwiched Boomer coping with the stresses of growing children and aging parents. Do something unique this Valentine’s Day. Studies … Continue reading

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Overcoming Stress on Valentine’s Day

Couples today are dealing with huge stresses of all sorts – fears of economic meltdown, actual job loss, threats to safety and security, concerns about retirement finances, and, for Sandwiched Boomers, issues arising from children growing up and aging parents growing older. Partners rely on each other to help buffer the impact of these stresses – and, hopefully, to make coping with them a little easier. Studies have shown that for couples in love there are surges in dopamine, the chemical of pleasure, and in oxytocin, the hormone of bonding. … Continue reading

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Cuddling on Valentine’s Day

With record snow on the east coast and heavy rainstorms on the west, what better to do than cuddle for warmth with a loved one? Last week we looked at how singles can thrive on Valentine’s Day. This week we focus on couples and how to bring you closer. Contrary to the new film, Valentine’s Day, love alone does not guarantee the success of a close relationship. It also takes a willingness to work on building stronger connections through commitment and communication. Remind yourselves of the commitment you made and … Continue reading

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