Overcoming Stress on Valentine’s Day

Couples today are dealing with huge stresses of all sorts – fears of economic meltdown, actual job loss, threats to safety and security, concerns about retirement finances, and, for Sandwiched Boomers, issues arising from children growing up and aging parents growing older. Partners rely on each other to help buffer the impact of these stresses – and, hopefully, to make coping with them a little easier.

Studies have shown that for couples in love there are surges in dopamine, the chemical of pleasure, and in oxytocin, the hormone of bonding. These encourage further closeness and provide the benefits of reducing stress, creating calm, suppressing pain and producing better immune functioning. Researchers have estimated that in about one-third of long-term marriages, couples have the same kind of brain responses to each other as do newly in love couples.

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What then can you and your partner do – on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year – to keep the fires of love burning bright and bring a bit of serenity into your daily life? Here are some more tips for today.

Invest time and energy in your relationship. Make time for each other. It is well worth it – your efforts will come back to you many times over. Even if your days are filled with chores, let your nights reflect romance, sensuality and affection.

Share with your partner what you love about him or her. Don’t hesitate to give compliments when you think of them. Express the gratitude you feel at having your partner in your life. As you remember why you first fell in love, your feelings will grow even deeper and richer.

Focus on the positives in your relationship. Draw on your partner for support when you need it. Recognize that your mutual trust lets you enjoy being playful and sharing a laugh together. Your relationship can rejuvenate you when the stresses of the world outside weigh you down.

For more ideas about how to maintain your love interest in the face of stresses in your life, click on the post title above. It links you to our website, www.HerMentorCenter.com and our article, Marital Harmony Despite Financial Woes. And come back tomorrow for more tips for Valentine’s Day.

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