Cuddling on Valentine’s Day

With record snow on the east coast and heavy rainstorms on the west, what better to do than cuddle for warmth with a loved one? Last week we looked at how singles can thrive on Valentine’s Day. This week we focus on couples and how to bring you closer.

Contrary to the new film, Valentine’s Day, love alone does not guarantee the success of a close relationship. It also takes a willingness to work on building stronger connections through commitment and communication.

Couple sitting at table with gift, champagne and flowers

Remind yourselves of the commitment you made and the love you created. Plan date nights even when you don’t have something special to celebrate. Draw on humor to lighten the mood. As you recall the joyous times you shared in the past, you will be forming new memories for your future together.

Keep your communication open and honest. At the same time, be willing to cooperate and compromise about issues where you disagree. When you are able to deal with your anger and forgive your partner for mistakes he has made, you can both grow from the experience. And you’ll feel better if you offer an apology when you have been the one in the wrong.

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