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Virtual Book Tour with Dr. Erica Goodstone

We want to welcome Dr. Erica Goodstone to our Virtual Book Tour today – we know you’ll enjoy our discussion about her book, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me: The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening. So let’s not waste any time getting started: Nourishing Relationships: Why does Part I and your first book, Love Me…Please, focus so heavily on the power of love? Aren’t there really some good people, some good love partners, and some that are destructive and hurtful? Shouldn’t we just get rid of the … Continue reading

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Staying Warm on Valentine’s Day

With record snow throughout much of America and cold winds blowing, it may be hard to stay warm. If you’ve got someone to cozy up to, you know that love alone does not guarantee the success of a close relationship. It also takes work, commitment and communication to build strong connections. If the weather weren’t enough, couples today are dealing with huge stresses of all sorts – fears of economic meltdown, actual job loss, threats to safety and security, concerns about retirement finances, and, for Sandwiched Boomers, issues arising from … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution for Boomer Couples

Don’t you already know there is no perfect relationship? All couples get angry and argue, so you’re not alone. But remember, when resolving conflict, keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them. Your arguments may not have as much fallout if you and your partner accumulate positive reserve in your emotional bank account – that is, the more positive interactions and feelings, the less damage. Agree to stop arguing and postpone a difficult conversation until you’re both feeling less upset. Decide, together, to step away and put … Continue reading

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Women and Men Speak – But Who is Listening?

Do is sometimes feel that you’re the unheard proverbial tree that falls in the forest? You’re talking but no one is listening! A recent Associated Press poll of pet owners found that one-third of married women who own pets consider their pets to be better listeners than their husbands. And nearly one-fifth of husbands also believed their pets were more attentive than their spouses. What’s going on here? Even after numerous books about getting your message across, it seems that men and women still need to learn more about how … Continue reading

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