Creating Intimacy on Valentine’s Day

Other than often sharing center stage on Valentine’s Day, what do chocolate and sex have in common? Dopamine – it is released when each are experienced, producing a sense of pleasure. So today we let you in on some more tips for creating intimacy with your partner even if you’re not a chocoholic.

Recreate the romance with your partner. Add some mystery to your usual evenings together. Being affectionate and playful can help restore the initial excitement you shared early in your relationship.

Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. Bringing humor into your bedroom will set the stage for a positive mood and a sense of acceptance and trust. Being comfortable with your mate allows you to accept your vulnerability, access your feelings and open up to a close connection.

Unleash your sensuality so you are free to explore and express your sexuality. Now may be the time to vary some techniques in your lovemaking. And since studies have shown that an active sex life slows the aging process, you will be doubly rewarded.

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