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We hear from women facing difference kinds of challenges every day – personal, family, career. Here’s a sample of some of the kinds of issues they are confronting. How about you? What are your concerns? What helps you cope? One reader is surprised by how fast time has changed her from the young woman she once was: “I don’t like to look in the mirror. Though I feel the same inside, I am shocked by how old and frumpy I appear in pictures with my children and grandchildren. How do … Continue reading

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And, speaking of friends, the recent death of Randy Pausch touched people across the country who felt they knew him through his video and book,”The Last Lecture.” Randy, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon,understood he was dying from pancreatic cancer and wanted to leave a legacy for his three young children. In the process, his words of wisdom gave all of us inspiration about how to conduct our own lives. Perhaps from his background with numbers and formulae, Randy was able to boil down the complicated process of “Really … Continue reading

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We Welcome Elaine Williams this morning, who is here to discuss her recently published book. Why did you write A Journey Well Take: Life After Loss? I wrote it initially for myself, but then realized that other women needed to read it. It’s not just my experience but it’s something many will go through. I wanted others to realize that even though their grief is unique, there are untold similarities in the universal process. None of us are alone. Once you suffer such a loss, your life changes. Not only … Continue reading

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As Baby Boomers continue to age, the rise in incidence of serious illness affects nearly every family – especially if you’re a member of the Sandwich Generation. When you or your spouse develops cancer, heart disease, stroke or another chronic illness, it can change every aspect of your lives together. How to talk meaningfully with each other about the situation is a common concern. Do you wonder how to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with your spouse after such a serious illness? Dialoging with your partner in the midst … Continue reading

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