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If you missed Elaine Williams’ Virtual Book Tour yesterday, you owe it to yourself to read it. The questions women asked about loss and renewal were universal and Elaine’s responses were poignant and thoughtful. If you click on “13 Comments” at the bottom of yesterday’s post, you’ll get an idea of who Elaine is. And by clicking on her name at the top of her answer, it’ll take you to her blog. The beginning of the week, the theme of our blog was friendship and we all have a new … Continue reading

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We Welcome Elaine Williams this morning, who is here to discuss her recently published book. Why did you write A Journey Well Take: Life After Loss? I wrote it initially for myself, but then realized that other women needed to read it. It’s not just my experience but it’s something many will go through. I wanted others to realize that even though their grief is unique, there are untold similarities in the universal process. None of us are alone. Once you suffer such a loss, your life changes. Not only … Continue reading

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Over the next couple of days we’ll be giving some tips for you Sandwiched Boomers, as you look at your friendships and begin to build on them. Appreciate your friends and give these relationships the time and attention they need in order to blossom. Turning to other women for support can provide strength to help you cope as you face challenges with your family in flux. Women’s friendships can be complicated. What you need from each other, and the intensity and frequency of these needs, can lead to some misunderstandings. … Continue reading

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