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Healing Family Wounds

Tuesday’s blog post focused on how divorce and parenting style can cause a breach in your relationship with your adult children. As a marriage and family therapist, I know there are all kinds of reasons why parents and adult children become distant. The experts used to think that negative behavior was due to bad parenting. But decent parents can raise difficult kids. Some may have a demanding temperament from birth, are harder to parent or are less responsive to influence. It’s been said that you’re only as happy as your least … Continue reading

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Virtual Book Tour with Sarah Pleydell

  Today we’re delighted to welcome author Sarah Pleydell to our blog. We’ll be discussing her beautifully written novel, Cologne, described as “wise and subtle…..as provocative as it is riveting.” Sarah has graciously shared a lot of information, so let’s get started: Her Mentor Center: This is a work of fiction, but there are elements of autobiography/yourself in the story, correct? Sarah: I started writing this novel while I was finishing my MFA thesis. I was ready to write a second book and was learning firsthand the task of writing a … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love and Sisterly Love

Philadelphia has been known as the city of brotherly love since William Penn first named it over 300 years ago and today one of the LOVE sculptures by Robert Indiana has a prominent place on the University of Pennsylvania campus. With two sons, four grandsons and a brother of my own, I know a little about how brothers show their love. They’re physical with each other – playing or sparring – and they compete in just about any way they can. Although they’re fiercely protective of one another from any … Continue reading

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Your Voices

We hear from women facing difference kinds of challenges every day – personal, family, career. Here’s a sample of some of the kinds of issues they are confronting. How about you? What are your concerns? What helps you cope? One reader is surprised by how fast time has changed her from the young woman she once was: “I don’t like to look in the mirror. Though I feel the same inside, I am shocked by how old and frumpy I appear in pictures with my children and grandchildren. How do … Continue reading

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